March 9, 2019

Have you tried meditation before?  It may be easier than you think!  Read about the basics below:

Choose a Calm Space

You can meditate anywhere, but choosing a calm space may make meditation easier, especially when starting out.   Getting away for a short period of time may be enough to re-energize you.

Go Towards the Light

If you tend to get sleepy, try meditation in an area of natural light to stay alert and awake.  As you become more skilled in meditation, you may want to change things.  Find a space that feels inviting and set the stage for meditation.  Exposure to natural light throughout the day may also help with sleep that night.

Look at Your Posture

Find a way to be comfortable - sitting, laying down.  Allow your body to relax, be mindful of areas where you may have tension like your fists, jaw, shoulders, brow line.  Uncross your legs and arms.  Adjust your body as needed.  Relax, this is your time.

Same Time, Same Place

Most people prefer to medita...

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March 9, 2019

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