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     We are excited to announce that your providers at Psychiatry and Wellness of Reno have movedwill to Reno Psychiatric Associates on 07/19/2021.  Although our practice is closed, we hope that you choose to follow us to the new practice (we will continue to contract with the same insurance plans).  Making this transition has been a difficult decision, but we hope that it will allow us to spend more time focused on patient care and provide a strong environment to work with a collaborative team.  We will make every effort for the transition to go as smoothly as possible.  It would be our pleasure to continue working together with you in your care.  


Things to know about this transition:

  • All scheduled appointment will remain the same date and time - we will contact you to ask if you'd like to be seen in person (after 08/09/2021) or through telemedicine.

  • Your doctor will have continued access to your medical records.

  • As a reminder, your medical records are confidential.  Reno Psychiatric Associates will become the custodian of your medical records on 07/19/2021.  A copy of your records can be released to you or any medical provider with your written permission. 

  • We will continue to contract with the same insurance plans; however, Reno Psychiatric Associates does not bill secondary insurance plans.  We have provided this service as a courtesy, and it will become your responsibility after 07/18/2021.  


*** What you must do ***

  • Complete the practice forms for Reno Psychiatric Associates at least one week before your appointment (07/19/21 and later).  CLICK HERE to complete the transition paperwork. 

  • *** If we have not received your signed forms before your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled after you have signed the forms.


What you will see at Reno Psychiatric Associates:

  •  A new office location

  • On-site front office and billing staff

  • A collaborative group of providers

  • Self-pay rates that follow Reno Psychiatric Associates' fee schedule (subject to change) - $375 for initial evaluation, $270 for 50 minute follow-up, $175 for 25 minute follow up, $100 for 15 minute follow up.

  • Continued high standard of psychiatric care

  • In-person visits available after 08/09/2021 with telemedicine offered as long as there is a need/desire for it



     We ask that all patient balances be paid within 90 days of the billed date (per our financial policy).  If you have an unpaid balance after 10/31/2021, it will be sent to collections if you have not set up a payment plan.  If your account is sent to collections, your care will be terminated with Dr. Christopher Charles and Dr. Kimberlee Charles at both Psychiatry and Wellness of Reno and Reno Psychiatric Associates. If you currently have a payment plan or if you need to start a payment plan, please call our office at 775-525-1095 to discuss details and options.  Billing questions can be emailed to  We want to work with you and will take into account your individual needs, so please contact us as soon a possible if you have any concerns or questions.  


Changing providers:

     We understand that there may be reasons that you do not want to continue your psychiatric treatment with DR. Kimberlee Charles or Dr. Christopher Charles at Reno Psychiatric Associates.  If this is the case, we encourage you to choose another provider as soon as possible to ensure uninterrupted care.  If you would like us to forward a copy of your records to another provider, please contact our office to sign a written consent.   If you will not be transitioning with us to Reno Psychiatric Associates, and you have not selected a new provider by 07/19/2021, you may seek emergency medical care through the local emergency department or by calling 911.


Contact information:


Reno Psychiatric Associates

     Phone:  (775) 329-4284

     Fax:  (775) 329-2550

     Office:  6151 Lakeside Drive, Suite 2001, Reno, NV. 89511



Psychiatry and Wellness of Reno

     Phone:  (775) 525-1095

     Fax:  (775) 525-3885

     Mail:  550 W. Plumb Ln, Ste B, PMB 230, Reno, NV. 89509



Crisis Support Services of Nevada - 24/7 Hotline

     Call (800)273-8255 or Text CARE to 839863


We value the relationship that we have built with you and thank you for trusting us with your care.  We hope to embark on this new adventure with you.


Drs. Christopher Charles and Kimberlee Charles

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